Which SEO tool do I use the most?



Hey guys, I recently posted a blog titled “4 Law Firm SEO Tools To Track Your Progress” and I wanted to mention that I personally use ahrefs.com more frequently than the other three combined.

Ever have trouble developing an SEO strategy? Well, here’s a hint..take your top 3-4 competitor’s websites and plug them into ahrefs.com and find out what backlinks they are acquiring.  You’ll find opportunities you can leverage to improve your own SEO efforts.  Good luck!

– Chris

Attorney Rankings LLC is live!

On 2/25/13 I launched Attorney Rankings LLC an Internet marketing agency for lawyers. Attorney Rankings is a company that offers high quality website design and internet marketing services for lawyers. We specialize in Internet marketing for law firms. We pride ourselves in our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), website development, pay per click management, social media and more. We are a specialized team dedicated to getting your law firm more visibility online. Using Attorney Rankings guarantees you will get a dependable, high quality service that can deliver results.

Visit the website here: http://www.attorneyrankings.org/

Attorney Rankings LLC

Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC Certifications

Here is a list of internet marketing certifications to help make your resume stand out a little more.

SEM Certifications

Inbound Marketing Certifications

SEO Certifications

Internet Marketing Certifications

SEO Quizzes

Social Media Certifications

Writing Certifications

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